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Mobile laser therapy services

We provide mobile laser hair removal services for all skin tones and hair types, with our innovative Milesman laser technology. This is medical grade laser technology, which gives safe, effective, and does not irritate the skin.

Our laser hair removal process usually needs fewer treatments than most clinics, and with our medical grade Milesman laser device, it usually only requires 6-8 treatments for 90% hair removal.

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 Prices for our mobile laser treatments

6 sessions WAS £1890 NOW £945

 8 sessions WAS £2480 NOW £1240

 10 sessions WAS £3050 NOW £1525


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What we use - Our technology

With the Milesman diode laser, the energy travels directly down to the hair shaft, giving you a permanent reduction, and less irritation to the skin. This is unlike other lasers, which have a scattered wavelength where the light is concentrated and can burn the hair follicle only giving you a temporary reduction, increased pain and a high risk of burning.

Different wavelengths

Our laser machine gives four different wavelengths of laser, enabling optimal hair removal and comfort throughout.


We can come to you, meaning we can provide convenient laser treatments in Tottenham and across North London, in the comfort of your own home.