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Providing silky smooth skin in Ilford, North London, Hertfordshire and Essex

Welcome to Alyssum Laser & Skin. We are highly qualified aesthetic practitioners in North London,  serving across North London, Ilford, Hertfordshire and Essex for mobile laser hair removal, skin treatments, facial peels, microneedling, fat dissolving, cosmetic injectables and blemish removal.

We provide cutting edge technology to your doorstep, with mobile laser treatments, using the next generation laser technology. Milesman Compact portable diode is the only laser offering four-wave length (alexandrite, ND;YAG, 810nm, 940nm) providing highly effective laser hair removal to customers across our service area.

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Laser hair & skin treatments brought to you!

Alyssum are one of the few mobile laser hair removal  services in North London, and our highly skilled and experienced professionals can come to your door and provide a range of laser and skin treatments, helping our clients look and feel great.

Better still, our service is convenient to you. We operate seven days a week, so you don't need to arrange days off work or organise childcare. No need to worry about arriving late to your appointment as we can come to you!

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Your Aesthetic Treatments

Mobile Laser Clinic in Ilford and East London


 Laser hair removal

We provide mobile laser hair removal services for all skin tones and hair types, with our innovative Milesman laser technology.

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Mobile Laser Clinic in Ilford and East London


Facial peels

We offer professional grade Mesoestetic facial peels, which give scientifically proven solutions for skin care and protection.

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Mobile Laser Clinic in Ilford and East London


Facial treatments

We offer advanced skin rejuvenation facials using clinically proven results from the mesoestetic range.


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Mobile Laser Clinic in Ilford and East London


Skin treatments 

We provide microneedling, blemish removal and a range of skin treatments to help you look and feel great.


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Free consultations

Every person is different. Not only in hair and skin type, but also in their desires for successful laser and skin treatments.

A small change can give you a big lift in confidence, whether it's removing unwanted hair, or to remove blemishes, acne and reduce imperfections. Let us create your personalised treatment programme, to help improve and control your skin concerns.

Book your free consultation, contact Alyssum on 07507 707215.

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Our Popular Laser Treatments?

Full Body 

Treatment Prices Time
Per Session £165 90 mins
3x Sessions £330 90 mins
6x Sessions £945 90 mins
8x Sessions £1240 90 mins
10x Sessions £1525 90 mins

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Treatment Prices Time
Per Session £30.50 20 mins
3x Sessions £91.50 20 mins
6x Sessions £183 20 mins
8x Sessions £244 20 mins
10x Sessions £305 20 mins

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Treatment Prices Time
Lower Back Session £37.50 30 mins
Lower 3x Sessions £112.50 30 mins
Lower 6x Sessions £225 30 mins
Lower 8x Sessions £300 30 mins
Lower 10x Sessions £375 30 mins

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Treatment Prices Time
Per Session £11 5 mins
3x Sessions £33 5 mins
6x Sessions £66 5 mins
8x Sessions £88 5 mins
10x Sessions £110 5 mins

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Treatment Prices Time

Any Bikini & Peri Anal 

x1 session



25 mins
Any Bikini & Peri Anal, Lower Legs & Underarms £87 40 mins

Any Bikini & Peri anal, full legs & Underarms 

x1 session

£116 50 mins
Any Bikini & Peri Anal 3x Sessions £87 25 mins
Any Bikini & Peri Anal 6x Sessions £174 25 mins
Any Bikini & Peri Anal 8x Sessions £232 25 mins
Any Bikini & Peri Anal 10x Sessions £290 25 mins

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Treatment Prices Time
Lower Leg  single Session £49.50    20 mins
Lower 3x Session £148.50    20 mins
Lower 6x Session £297    20 mins
Lower 8x Session £396 20 mins
Lower 10x Sessions £495 20 mins
Full Legs Session £79.50 30 mins
Full Legs 3x Sessions £238.50 30 mins
Full Legs 6x Sessions £477 30 mins
Full Legs 8x Sessions £636 30 mins
Full Legs 10x Sessions £795 30 mins

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Treatment Prices Time

Half Arms single Session

£29.50 15 mins
Half 3x Sessions £88.50 15 mins
Half 6x Sessions £177 15 mins
Half 8x Sessions £236 15 mins
Half 10x Sessions £295 15 mins
Full Arms single Session £49.50 25 mins
Full 3x Sessions £148.50 25 mins
Full 6x Sessions £297 25 mins
Full 8x Sessions £396 25 mins
Full 10x Sessions £495 25 mins

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Treatment Prices Time
Half Face single Session £21 20 mins
Half 3x Sessions £63 20 mins
Half 6x Sessions £126 20 mins
Half 8x Sessions £168 20 mins
Half 10x Sessions £210 20 mins

Full Face  

single Session

£28 15 mins
Full 3x Sessions £84 15 mins
Full 6x Sessions £168 15 mins
Full 8x Sessions £224 15 mins
Full 10x Sessions £280 15 mins

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About Alyssa

Alyssa is the founder of Alyssum Laser and skin. With over 7 years of experience within the aesthetics industry as a laser and skin care specialist, Alyssa has a passion for Laser and advanced skincare. With an outstanding portfolio in Aesthetics, and previous experience in several leading clinics across London, you can count on my knowledge and experience to help you achieve the results you are looking for.

From my personal experience having access to the leading technology, I have had over 20 sessions of Laser and although there is some reduction, I wasn't entirely happy with the end results. This has made me determined to find the best laser technology to give painless, fast, effective results within 6-10 treatments.

More About Alyssa


 Why choose us?

New technology

We use mobile laser hair removal technology that is medical grade and suited to a diverse range of skin types and tones.


Personalised treatments

We take great care with skin conditions, work around your schedule, and provide detailed consultations to find the right treatment for you.


We can come to you!

You can have laser and skin treatments in the comfort of your own home, or visit us in clinic!  We are located in Ilford  Making our service unique to cater for all customer needs.


Extensive experience

With a wide range of advanced training and qualifications, over many years to ensure our therapists have core underpinning knowledge and understanding to carry out non-surgical aesthetic treatments, to our clients.

All trained staff hold highly regarded qualifications in Aesthetics practice and we continue to professionally develop our knowledge within the Aesthetics industry.


Better than a clinic

With many clinics, you won't get the personal service we offer. 

We promise you the same therapist who will stay with you throughout your treatment journey and our laser technology offers faster results than most laser treatment clinics.


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Cancellation policy

There is a 25% deposit on mobile laser treatments. We understand that life can change your plans unexpectedly, that's why we will not charge a cancellation fee up to 6 hours prior to your treatment.

Please also let us know if you are in a Low Traffic Neighbourhood, or if there are any parking considerations we need to bear in mind before we travel.



Our Reviews


"So glad I can finally have my laser done without worrying about results and seeing a different therapist.  Every time I have laser I always get a facial as well so it's a win win really.

Thank you for always being so accommodating and bringing me the results I want to my door."


"I had 6 full body laser sessions and I was really impressed with the results. I don't have to worry about waxing and shaving. As a busy mum it has definitely taken that stress off and has saved me so much money in the long run.

I would highly recommend Alyssum laser and skin. Alyssa the therapist is very professional and such a wonderful therapists. She really made me feel calm and comfortable. She is so great at what she does."


"Had the most amazing facial pigmentation peel with Alyssa. Was super nervous on my first session & she made me feel at ease and answered all my questions.

Alyssa also took me through the experience step by step which I loved!! Can't wait to be back for my 3rd peel next month! My results already are amazing!"